Thermoformed Food Containers

Lucky Plastic has an extensive variety of clear packaging solutions. From small containers to large Trays. Lucky Plastic has your needs covered. For spices, sandwiches and more, our deli hinged containers offer a one stop shop for displaying your products. The supermarket containers are great for dips and spreads, and Lucky Plastic bakery containers can hold your confectionary delights with ease. Excellent water-vapor barrier for extended shelf life. APET food packaging is easier on the environment and 100% recyclable.

More than 80% of shoppers claim to make their purchasing decisions in-store. When so many products are competing for attention, standing out on the shelf is paramount.There is no better packaging for attracting customers to your cookies, cakes, doughnuts, pies, or other baked goods than Lucky Plastic thermoformed clear hinged containers. The benefits include:

  • • unmatched clarity that will entice shoppers to purchase your product instead of one they can’t see.

  • • easy and secure closures that allow resealing and prevent tampering.

  • • sealed in freshness.

  • • leak resistance.

  • • resistance to damage during manufacturing and distribution.

  • • environmentally friendly materials.

Bakery Trays & Hinged Containers

Whether you specialize in making intricately frosted cakes or baking delicious cookies, it’s important that you have a reliable way to send your customers home with their favorite baked treats. With our selection of bakery trays, boxes and containers, you can do just that. We offer a wide range of containers and trays for cakes, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, and pies, making it simple to find just what you need.

A thermoformed plastic clear hinged container, also call a clamshell, is a clear, rigid, one-piece container that consists of two bowl-shaped halves joined by a hinge that allows it to open and close.

This style of packaging is sealed with self-locking tabs, button snaps, or something called a friction fit. When heat-sealed, the containers are tamper-resistant. Although they may be difficult to open at times, your baked goods will be safe.

Supermarket Hinged Containers

Our Supermarket Containers are some of the most versatile food containers we've developed. The list of possible food applications is limitless. These containers are great with oils and freezer-safe too. From confectionary items to dried fruits/nuts to salsa dips and everything in between, your products will be displayed at their best. Produced with crystal clear, #1 recyclable PET, our supermarket packaging offers unmatched clarity and visualization for your food products.

Hinged Lid Egg Trays (Half Dozen and Dozen)

High quality transparent egg boxes designed to hold both normal and jumbo-sized eggs. Made from PET and holding six and 12 eggs each. These egg boxes are hinged along one side and feature a superior snap lock lid and easy open system which ensures that the packs stay securely closed throughout the packing operation and total supply chain. These jumbo egg boxes also have a large surface area for labelling which offers optimal space for your communication to the consumer.

Portioned Plate

Today’s every customer wants variety of meals in single plate, our three-portion plate is a perfect match. It is also enhanced menu of restaurants with different Meal platers. It is also makes meal preparation simple and helps prevent over eating. Great for people that want to focus on healthy eating, portion control, meal prep, or weight loss.

Glasses & Lids

Shakes, smoothies, blended ice coffees and cold drinks get served in style with our broad range of clear plastic cold beverage cups and lids. We make a broad range of clear plastic cold beverage cups in PET, PP and PS. There are a variety of cup sizes and shapes available for smoothies, juices, shakes and blended ice coffee. High clarity clear lids add to the convenience when carrying the drink around.

Dips and Bowls

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