About Us

Established in 1993, Lucky Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd. (LPIL) is the first to introduce plastic sheet extrusion and Rigid PVC sheet calendaring in Pakistan. Since its inception, the company has been engaged in the production and supply of various kinds of plastic sheets including Rigid PVC, GPPS, PP, ABS, HIPS, HDPE and Cast Acrylic sheets. Recently, Polystyrene Foam Packaging (Polystyrene Paper) has been added to the product range in order to cater to the disposable food packaging market. A huge market – both local and foreign – is therefore being served mainly including pharmaceutical, food packaging and household goods manufacturing industries. Customers from international market mostly belong to countries including South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Poland and Turkey.

LPIL believes in comprehensive solutions and therefore values its R&D efforts to come up with and adopt new formulations and technologies to provide supreme quality products. The company has recently established a new manufacturing facility at Manga Raiwand road for the production of PVC, GPPS, PP, ABS, HIPS and HDPE sheets; where focus has been kept on assuring that the operations conform to quality, health, safety, hygiene and environmental standards. Furthermore, it is believed to be a vital step towards the company’s efforts to increase the existing customer base as well as to give more value for money to existing customers and hence meet and even exceed their expectations. The workforce at LPIL is dedicated to performing the best and hence, works in line with the company’s goals and objectives. Our qualified engineers make sure that the customer requirements are fully met and therefore take meticulous care of the technical specifications of the customized products we offer to our valued customers. Moreover, our commitment towards quality ensures that our products are defect-free and that any non-conformances are prevented in the first place.

Group Companies

Pak Petrochemical Industries Pvt. Limited is a sister concern of LPIL which was founded in 1994. Located at National Highway Karachi, it is the only manufacturer of all types of Polystyrene resins (General Purpose, High-Impact and Expandable Polystyrenes) in Pakistan and its product range is well-honored and time-tested even in developed markets like South Africa, Belgium, Luxemburg, Turkey, Iran and Germany.