Manufacturing Facility


LPIL is a dedicated company with a wide range of expertise in producing rigid sheets/films of PVC, PP, PE, HDPE, HIPS, GPPS and ABS, along with PSP tableware disposable products.


Since beginning, we’ve relied on our resources - both facilities and people to grow in the field of plastic sheets manufacturing. Our modern manufacturing facility spread over 4,68,000 sq. ft. uses contemporary technology for raw material handling, manufacturing, transportation, slitting and packaging of finished goods products in a manner that respects the needs and concerns of our valued customers, employees and the community. It also boasts of modernized quality control lab equipped with testing facilities according to international standards.


Our product lines include:


  • Films: Rigid PVC, APET, RPET, PETG, PET GAG
  • Extruded Sheets (Monolayer): HIPS, ABS, PP, GPPS, HDPE, PET
  • Co-Extruded Sheets (Multilayer): HIPS & GPPS, ABS & PMMA
  • Packaging & Tableware: Foam Boxes & Trays, Spoons etc.



Calendaring is one of the most versatile processes for manufacturing high-quality films & sheets in large volumes. Process is mainly used for producing Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) films and sheets. Calendaring process helps in making surface treatment like embossing and enhancing physical properties of films by stretching them as per requirement.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with modern and hi-tech calendaring units with very precise temperature, speed and pressure control systems which results in high quality production.


Raw Material Handling, Compounding, Calendar Feeding and Mixing Units

Raw material handling is the most crucial part in film making process through calendaring. At LPIL, our engineers make sure that all formulations (additions of stabilizers, lubricants, impact modifiers and processing aids) are made according to customer requirements and appropriate measures are taken while handling the materials ensuring that final product is free of dust particles and any other contaminations.

Compounding is done in continuous mixers. The dry blend is force-fed into the extruder. Uniform compounding provides for minimal heat history and consistent feed rate, color, gauge, and surface.


Calendaring Configuration

Several types of calendaring rolls configurations are used to manufacture Rigid PVC film worldwide. Our production units consist of one inverted L and one M-type calendar. These calendaring configurations are highly recommended for manufacturing of Rigid PVC sheets. These calendars are PLC controlled; operate at different precisely controlled temperatures and speeds.


Tempering Rolls/Embossing Unit

The embossing unit is used to imprint special features on the film. Special effects/textures can be produced by applying a variety of surfaces on the embossing roll.



Extrusion is a continuous process by which a thermoplastic material is melted and extruded through a flat die onto a chill roll, where it is quenched and re-solidified. The resulting sheet is cut off into custom sizes after passing through haul off unit.